Sustainable Summer Linens

Sundays is a woman owned brand that creates timeless designs.  All Sundays garments are mindfully designed and manufactured in New York City and Miami. Sundays is on their way to becoming a zero waste company by reusing any scrap materials during production.

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Break a Sweat in Recycled Plastic

I'm so excited to announce Revari now carries Girlfriend Collective activewear! Girlfriend is an amazing company based on transparency, ethical manufacturing, and representation. Girlfriend chooses every part of their process, from raw materials to facilities to their partners, with the utmost care. 

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Shop At Revari's First Pop Up Event!

I'm so excited to announce Revari's first ever pop up trunk show! I've partnered with the amazing Pure Life Jewelry team for an event full of sustainable fashion, locally hand crafted jewelry, and mimosas!

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Ethically Made Jewelry For Every Occasion

I am a strong believer in buying pieces, whether it's jewelry or clothing, that you can get the maximum amount of use out of. Not only does this save you time getting dressed and money, but it significantly helps reduce waste in the environment.

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12 Everyday Tips For Reducing Waste In 2019

An intent that I am carrying over into 2019 is continuing to reduce my everyday waste. When enough people live consciously and adopt these practices into their everyday life, it will have a huge positive impact on our planet and reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

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