4 Podcasts on Sustainable + Ethical Fashion

Sustainable Fashion Podcasts
Today on the blog I'm sharing 4 of my favorite podcasts about sustainable and ethical fashion! Each of these 4 podcasts brings their own unique take to these topics but are all equally as educational, informative, and inspiring. I hope you take a listen and enjoy them and learn from them as much as I do!
-Conscious Chatter-
Conscious Chatter Podcast
Conscious Chatter is an inclusive audio space hosted by Kestrel Jenkins that opens the door to conversations about our clothing and the layers of stories, meaning, and potential impact connected to what we wear. Kestrel is a storyteller and conscious style maven who believes fashion and ethics can jive, and maybe even thrive together. For over a decade, she's been enthralled with asking questions about where our clothes are made, what they are made of and who made them, and this really comes through in her podcast. Kestrel asks poignant questions and she really hands the reigns over to the guest speakers so that the information they have to share is the star of the show. Conscious Chatter allows us to continue to learn more about the garment industry and how we can all be a bigger part of positive change in the industry.

-Remember Who Made Them-
Remember Who Made Them
Remember Who Made Them is a six part podcast series that aims to help energize a new solidarity economy in fashion. Remember Who Made Them collaborates with existing campaigns, activists, and workers unions to amplify their messages to show global solidarity with the people making our clothes and to ensure companies who have profited off of their labor take responsibility to support them at this time. Remember Who Made Them is truly eye-opening and informative because they speak not only with prominent figures in the ethical fashion community, but also with garment workers and union organizers from all over the world. Remember Who Made Them helps to empower listeners with the adequate tools and resources to donate, buy less, buy better and hold fashion brands accountable.

-Wardrobe Crisis-
Wardrobe Crisis Podcast
WARDROBE CRISIS is a top-charting sustainable fashion podcast driven by purpose. Wardrobe Crisis stands for a fairer, greener, cleaner fashion future that respects people and planet. Each week, host Clare Press interviews designers, change-makers, academics, creatives and fashion insiders about fashion, ethics, social justice and environmental sustainability. With over 120 episodes, this podcast is definitely binge worthy! Clare's guests on the podcast have included everyone from climate scientists to activists like Tarana Burke and Rosario Dawson, from big-name runway stars like Roland Mouret and Stephen Jones to emerging designers from all over the world. They address big issues such as the future of fashion, the fair treatment of garment workers, climate change, and plastic pollution but they do it with humor, vulnerability and warmth.

-Spirit of 608-
Spirit Of 608 Podcast
Spirit of 608 is a weekly podcast, hosted by fashion journalist Lorraine Sanders, featuring inspiring, real, entertaining conversations with women building badass businesses from the ground up. Spirit of 608 is hellbent on uplifting women in the forefront of FEST. FEST is the intersection of fashion, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and tech, and Spirit of 608 believes it's the future of the fashion industry. Spirit of 608 is about and FOR businesses breaking ground in any and all aspects of FEST. It's a great podcast for women in businesses, sustainability, fashion, and entrepreneurship. On the podcast, Lorraine speaks with guests ranging from EcoFashion trailblazer Marci Zaroff to ethical fashion pioneer Eileen Fisher. Spirit of 608 is insightful, inspiring, and educational, especially for women entrepreneurs.


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