A Few Things To Be Grateful For

Happy February everyone! Eartha here, I know it's been a hot minute since I've written a blog post. To be honest, writing is definitely not a strong suit of mine. I'm much more of a visual person and usually prefer to create and express myself through visuals, not words. However, one of my goals for 2020 is to put more time into the Revari blog, Stay Inspired, as it's an amazing way to connect with all of you - which is something that's super important to me!
As I was thinking about what my first post of 2020 should include, the theme of gratitude and enjoying the small victories in life kept creeping into my mind. Being grateful for even the smallest things in life is something I practice daily. Some days can definitely be harder then others to express thanks for what we have/don't have. When I find that I'm having a day that's particularly hard to express gratitude, I look to the small things that give me joy. This is why today's post is dedicated to enjoying the simple, seemingly small moments in life that add up to create lasting positive memories.
To practice gratitude even on the days (or weeks, or months) when nothing seems to be going right and it's hard to see the positive in just about anything, I like to create a list of at least 5 small things I am grateful for. Here is my list, I hope you feel inspired to share yours in the comments below or on Instagram!
5 Small Things I Am Grateful For:
  • A good, long stretch session after working out
  • A chai latte with the perfect ratio of sweet to spice
  • Those rare weekends that both me and my boyfriend have off and can spend quality time together
  • Finding an amazing piece of clothing at a thrift store that fits you just right
  • Randomly discovering a new artist (whether it be a musician, designer, writer, painter, etc) that you just can't get enough of
    Sustainable Fashion Revari
    Just yesterday I received one of my Spring orders from the amazing ethical brand Synergy Organic Clothing. Included in this order was the Grateful Organic Cotton Tote. How fitting for today's blog theme! Not only do I love the message on this tote, but it's also ethically made from 100% organic cotton in a GOTS certified factory in India, meaning all the employees are treated with respect, paid fair wages, and protected from harmful work conditions. Now that's something to be especially grateful for.

    Sustainable Fashion Revari


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    • Margaret on

      I loved reading your blog post. And thanks for the reminder to be grateful. I have read somewhere that at the end of each day if you write down 3-5 things you were grateful for that day, you will develop a happier disposition. So here goes; I’m grateful that today I woke up early and went to yoga class,
      I had all the ingredients at home to make protein balls for a healthy snack,
      I got to talk and laugh with my sister who is in Mexico right now,
      I went for a walk with a friend,
      and lastly I am grateful for you for having me pause and think about what I am grateful for!

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