Black Lives Matter Art
As a sustainable and ethical business, my core mission is, and has always been, to treat the planet and ALL it's people with the utmost respect, compassion, and dignity.
Words can't even describe how saddening and painful it is that in the year 2020 racism is still thriving and taking the lives of people of color. THIS NEEDS TO CHANGE. The acts of brutal racism that happened this past week (as well as that have been happening throughout our history for WAY to long) are heartbreaking. I stand in solidarity with the Black Community and will continue to do the WORK to try and help rebuild a broken system that has disregarded black and brown people in our country for far to long.

For the next few months I am donating 20% of all Revari sales to the racial justice organizations, Color of Change and Black Visions Collective. Until at least June 7th, I will be taking a break from posting social media content as usual as a way to dedicate my platform to amplify, support, and uplift voices within the Black Community. This is the time for us (fellow while folk) to learn, listen, educate ourselves + others, donate, hold public officials accountable, and DO THE WORK TO BE BETTER. I will continue posting Instagram stories that highlight important resources, racial justice organizations, and POC owned businesses...but I will not be posting any of my own content in an effort to #amplifymelanatedvoices.
Please consider donating to any of these crucial causes and/or supporting black owned businesses.
Organizations for racial equality:
Ethical WOC owned small businesses:

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