Brand Spotlight: Yireh

Transparency. Slow fashion. Fair labor practices. 
These are the core values of our newest brand partner, Yireh! Yireh, meaning "will provide" in Hebrew, is a socially conscious and ethically made fashion brand. Yireh designs versatile, beautiful clothing for the modern traveler and everyday woman. Emily Jaime founded Yireh in 2014, without a background in fashion but with a heart for humanity, which is why philanthropy is deeply rooted in the brand.
Revari Yireh ethical fashion
Yireh is extremely passionate about creating slow-fashion apparel by producing handmade, small-batch collections that incorporate the craftsmanship of the countries they work in. After traveling and doing humanitarian work in Indonesia for 8 years, Emily decided to make Bali the home of Yireh clothing production. Yireh partners with two ethically made factories in Bali. Transparency and fair labor practices are very important to Yireh. Their workers are paid fair wages, receive one-month paid vacation, religious holidays off, sick leave, and medical insurance. Any surplus fabrics from Yireh goes to local Balinese businesses for a small fee, and then are re-purposed into everyday materials for re-sale. This practice helps reduce textile waste, and also supports the local micro businesses around the factories they work with. Yireh clothing is inspired by the love of travel and the ocean and designed to empower and encourage!
Revari Yireh slow fashion
Revari yireh slow fashion

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