Jade Nicole: Being a Woman of Color in the Blogging Industry

Hello, hello! My name is Jade and I am the content creator behind Jade of Trades, a blog built to empower women through education, authentic reviews and blogging tips and tricks. I am so honored to be writing now for Revari -- I have had such admiration for this brand since finding it earlier this year. Their home state, Arizona, has a special place in my heart since it is where I received both of my degrees AND where I met the love of my life... the Blush Lola Wrap Dress from Revari (pictured below). I'm totally kidding (or am I?), sorry Austen. *wink, wink* 
Revari Sustainable Fashion
I want to talk about my experience as a Filipina-American woman in the blogging space. I absolutely love talking about this because, above all, it is important. For some context, I am half Filipina, an eighth Japanese, and the "rest" is Caucasian. I grew up in Northern Georgia, where -- to be honest -- I didn't quite meet many people with the same racial and ethnic blend as me. I've written a whole post over on my blog about racial incongruence, and I'd love if you checked it out. 
Today, though, I want to talk about specifically being a woman of color in the creator/blogging space. Being 23, I have watched as the creator space has evolved tremendously since I first used a computer. I remember asking my mother to use the computer on the weekends, and the only one we had in her house was heavy and set on a desk in her bedroom. The sound of the dial-up is something that is indistinguishably imprinted on my mind; I remember IM'ing my best friend moments after she'd gone home from my house to talk about absolutely nothing. When Michelle Phan emerged on the archaic, primal form of YouTube, I was hooked. I still am. 
And so, I can tell you from my own experience of the ever-evolving space of creators that I've watched unfold before my eyes over the years. I've watched as more women come forward to share their art, and that to me is the most incredible thing, I think, that could have happened for me. 
Their vulnerability within the creator space has exposed me to so many ideologies that I just simply wasn't experiencing in my home or school life. It gave me a space to relate to women around the world that experienced the same problems I did -- like not being able to find foundation shades in my drugstore that fit my non-white skin tone -- and gave me role models that looked and experienced the same racial and ethnic blend that I did. I could go on a 30,000 word rant about how "diversity" in the media really hinders perception and exposure, but I'll spare you from that now. The important thing is -- the blogging and social media spaces give us all an outlet to relate to others like us, which is incredibly impactful for young minds. 
Revari Sustainable Fashion
I want to be someone who others can relate to; after all, vulnerability is what makes us relatable, and so I try my very best to show my most authentic self on my blogging and social media platforms in hopes that it encourages others to do the same. I have felt incredibly "different" and "other than" in my past, as a child and adolescent, and I hope that my content shows others that look like me: wow, I can create. I can do the same. I can go to law school, or I can chase my wildest dreams, or I can be myself. 
Jade Nicole
Revari Sustainable Fashion
Jade's Bio:
Jade is a first year law student at Stetson College of Law in Gulfport, Florida. She lives with her boyfriend, Austen, and six-month-old Golden Retriever, Paisley. Jade's blog, Jade of Trades, was created in February of 2019 to inspire women to live their most authentic lives. Jade is passionate about education, digital analytics and writing, as well as sustainable fashion and homeware. Follow Jade on Instagram or subscribe to her blog! 

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