Keeping Busy In Quarantine (Part 1)

Sustainable Revari
I hope everyone is staying well, healthy, and safe while social distancing/quarantining! During this crazy, uncertain, and slightly scary time of COVID-19 quite a bit has changed for me. I have struggled with how to continue "business as usual", but also be mindful to the fact's not business as usual for me, or for most people. Even though my full time job (running Revari) consists mainly of working from home anyways, I no longer have events, pop-up shops, and photo shoots to plan and attend. Spring into Summer is always a super busy time for pop-up shops so their absence is definitely felt. In addition to running my small business I also work two other jobs as well, which have both been put on hold until further notice. So needless to say, I have quite a bit more spare time then normal these days!
I want Revari to be a space people can come to even in a time of crisis to feel supported and inspired. I'm not a professional doctor or the WHO, so why don't we leave the important information and policy making to the people who really know what they're talking about, yeah? And here we can be a community of support for each other in this difficult time by doing what we do best - caring for our planet and the people/beings on it! Even from the confines of our homes we can still come together (virtually) to support the causes we believe in, and uplift each other in the process. 
While wrestling with how to balance promoting sustainability and fashion with being sensitive to the fact that we're currently in a time when we're really all just trying to survive, I thought I'd start with something simple...How I'm keeping busy. I know a lot of people are in the same boat as me about having extra time on their hands (not to mention being stuck indoors), so why not share what fun and creative ways we're spending our days!
I've always loved having plants and getting my hands dirty every once in a while. When me and my boyfriend moved to Arizona over a year ago we got a few larger indoor plants, and I have been slowly but surely adding to that collection ever since. With my new found extra time because of the virus, and a burning desire to get a little fresh air and sunshine (even if it is just from my balcony), I decided to do a little gardening for the soul. I had a few pots I had collected over several thrift store trips some months/weeks ago, so I braved going to the garden nursery (social distancing as best I could the entire time) to pick out some plants for my thrift find pots. 
Sustainable Revari
Something about getting a little dirt under your fingernails and feeling the motherly responsibility to get a plant from it's original planter into it's new potted home safely is so grounding to me. This grounding feeling, mixed with the joy of seeing these plants grow and thrive in the coming weeks is just what I needed to get my mind off the stresses of the current state of our world and running a small business during a global pandemic. I'd love to hear below in the comments how you're keeping busy and inspired during quarantine!
Sustainable Revari
**The plant I bought on the far left does not actually fit in the pot I had so I will have to order a bigger pot for that particular plant baby**
Stay safe and healthy,
Well wishes,
Eartha - Founder of Revari

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  • Margaret on

    I love that you shared about your plants. I have a packet of seeds I want to plant because I think plants give us something to look forward too in the future. I like having these living, growing plants around to nurture each day! Good luck with your new plant “babies”!

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