Why Shop Sustainable?

Why is sustainability at the heart of all we do and so important to us? Let's break down the facts...

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What Is GOTS Certified Organic Cotton?

Many of the products we sell are made with GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, but what does that mean?

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Change Is Now

I am beyond excited to announce that I am now a podcast co-host! The first series are hosting is The Unspoken Truths of Fast Fashion. In this series we dive into issues such as garment worker exploitation, the environmental impacts of fast fashion, and sustainable supply chains.

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Sophia Toomb: Let’s Talk About Transparency

Today's post is brought to you by the inspiring voice of Sophia Toomb! Sophia is a ReMake ambassador and the founder of Moda Verde. She is passionate about mindful, sustainable, and circular fashion and helps others curate conscious closets. Sophia is an advocate for positive change within the fashion industry and is constantly asking brands for transparency.

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My First Ever Podcast Interview!

My first ever podcast interview is now live! In this episode me and Stella discuss how you can make more sustainable shopping choices without breaking the bank, how to use your power as a consumer for positive change, the “dark” and exploitative side of fashion, and why supporting ethical & fair trade brands is so important.

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