4 Podcasts on Sustainable + Ethical Fashion

Today on the blog I'm sharing 4 of my favorite podcasts about sustainable and ethical fashion. Each of these podcasts brings their own unique take to these topics but are all equally as educational, informative, and inspiring. I hope you take a listen and enjoy them and learn form them as much as I do!

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Black Women Influencers in Sustainable Fashion

 I want to take this moment to specifically highlight black women influencers who do amazing work within sustainable fashion, environmentalism, activism, and conscious living. 

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As a sustainable and ethical business, my core mission is, and has always been, to treat the planet and ALL it's people with the utmost respect, compassion, and dignity.

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Keeping Busy in Quarantine (Part 2)

I started the Keeping Busy series as a way to stay connected to all of you while social distancing and share the fun and creative ways we're all keeping busy. With all the heavy and, quite frankly, scary news going around these days I found it important to make Revari an outlet of encouragement and inspiration. 

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7 Documentaries To Watch During Quarantine

Since most of us find a little extra free time on our hands during this time of quarantine and working from home, I thought what better time to catch up on some eye opening documentary films! I have compiled a small list of some of my personal favorite documentaries about sustainability, fast fashion, and our environment. I hope you find these films as educational and informative as I did...

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