Keeping Busy In Quarantine (Part 1)

I hope everyone is staying well, healthy, and safe while social distancing/quarantining! During this crazy, uncertain, and slightly scary time of COVID-19 quite a bit has changed for me. I have struggled with how to continue "business as usual", but also be mindful to the fact's not business as usual for me, or for most people.

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A Few Things To Be Grateful For

To practice gratitude even on the days (or weeks, or months) when nothing seems to be going right and it's hard to see the positive in just about anything, I like to create a list of at least 5 small things I am grateful for.

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Jade Nicole: Being a Woman of Color in the Blogging Industry

Their vulnerability within the creator space has exposed me to so many ideologies that I just simply wasn't experiencing in my home or school life. It gave me a space to relate to women around the world that experienced the same problems I did.

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Brand Spotlight: Yireh

Transparency. Slow fashion. Fair labor practices. 
These are the core values of our newest brand partner, Yireh! Yireh is a socially conscious and ethically made fashion brand. Yireh designs versatile, beautiful clothing for the modern traveler and everyday woman.

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Tees That Inspire And Empower

I'm so excited to introduce Dazey LA products to Revari! Dazey LA is a sustainable and ethically made art apparel brand with a mission to empower women through conversation and community.

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