Silver Reusable Metal Straw Set

Silver Reusable Metal Straw Set

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It all starts with something as simple as high quality reusable straws that will change your lifestyle and the way you look at plastic consumption. Join the movement with the Silver Reusable Metal Straw Set by STRW Co! This straw set is a must have everytime you leave the house. Every small step, even if it's only the size of a straw, helps in protecting our oceans and environment.

  • Set includes: 100% Stainless steel bent straw, 100% Stainless steel straight straw, 100% Stainless steel straw boba/smoothie size, 100% burlap bag, and a cleaning brush
  • Dishwasher safe

Revari Sustainable Fashion

Surf The Reusable Wave (STRW) is a brand combating the use of everything single-use plastic. STRW was founded by two San Diego based surfers, Paulo and Etienne. Paulo and Etienne were inspired to create a company with an eco-conscious mission by their constant finding of littered, non-biodegradable plastics in their local streets, beaches, and our precious oceans. Surfing The Reusable Wave (STRW) is a term coined from the movement that is shifting away from destructive, single use plastics. STRW is here to present a unique stylish, and affordable way to make a direct impact in helping keep our Mother Earth clean. Every STRW purchase helps make a real difference in reducing single use plastic in our environment, as well as sponsoring STRW's efforts through beach cleanups, donations, and further efforts in the fight for a clean planet.

Revari Sustainable Metal Straws


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